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Mar 14, 2011

As part of our Pixie development stack we use SASS because it is much more manageable than standard css for supporting interesting styles across browsers.

Recently, we decided to incorporate a glassy box-shadow into most of our gallery pages.

Opera’s docs were very clear about how to set up this style. However, you’ll notice, as with a number of other css3 features, you need to include a ton of css (4 rules each made up of 5 shadows) to get this to work well across browsers.

css_selector {


Dec 8, 2010

This is part one of a classic games in JavaScript series I am starting.

I can hear all the haters now, “this guy never writes in his blog, there is no way this will be anything more than a one post series”. While this may be true, I am now unemployed so I have much more time to spend writing games that were invented in the 70s.

It’s also a shameless promotion / tutorial for Pixie, which Daniel X. Moore and I have been hard at work on lately.

Pixie’s goal as a game development platform is to...

Contrasaurus launched

Oct 11, 2010

I am very excited to say that Contrasaurus has been launched!

Head over to STRd6 for the full post.

This was an awesome learning experience. Working with Daniel X. Moore since dreaming up this ridiculous game this May has been a pleasure.

Big props to Brent Anderson at Backyard Ninja Design for the great sprite art and Lana X. Moore at My Name is Wool for the awesome backgrounds.

Our next goal is to open source all of the tools we used to create Contrasaurus. We will be putting together a...


Aug 31, 2010

Despite all the bold claims I made in 50% of my blog posts, The Wrens are beating me badly at this blog-off. Saying something of value on the internet is a tough job.

The real point of this post isn’t to complain that some band from New Jersey is better than me at typing 5 words every six months, it’s to shamelessly promote an amazing new browser / soon-to-be mobile phone game. It is called Contrasaurus and you can play it here. Ten points if you can name all the references or explain the plot...

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